ORACON Schedule Revealed

Get ready for a fun, informative day as we explore independent and traditional publishing!

8 a.m.  


7:45–8:45 a.m.

Conference Registration & Continental Breakfast; KANSAS-OKLAHOMA BALLROOM

Headshots by appointment with Davis Photographic Design;                            ARKANSAS ROOM A


9:00 AM TO 12:30

Publishing Possibilities: What’s Possible                            

Presented by: Denise Grover Swank

Want to know what avenues are available to you in today’s publishing environment? NYT and USA Today Best-selling author, Denise Grover Swank, has done it all. Starting with her independent publishing career in 2011, Denise has books published independently, through Amazon’s imprints, traditional Big 5, and traditional Big 5 print-only. You don’t want to miss this inspiring morning talk about what’s truly possible!

Publishing Possibilities and Profit

Presented by: Sara Megibow, agent KT Literary Agency

Agent Sara Megibow believes in strategizing with authors on how to make the most of their books and careers. Join her as she discusses how to evaluate your publishing options (traditional publishing, small press or independent) through the lens of profit, including distribution, formats, and subrights. 

No Excuses: Writing Quality Books Through Hospitals, Heartache & Insert Disaster Here

Presented by: Sarah M. Anderson

Regardless of which publishing path you choose, authors are being asked to write faster and faster. How do you meet the demand while still writing quality books? And what happens when life throws you a curve (or three?). Join author, Sarah M. Anderson, who has published more than 25 projects in the last two years—one of which just won the 2016 RITA for best short contemporary!

12:30 – 1:15        Lunch – ILLINOIS BEDROOM


Attendees choose between INDEPENDENT and TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING track.  

1:30 – 4:15

A Deeper Look at Independent Publishing

The Business and Marketing Side of Independent Publishing

Presented by: Denise Grover Swank

Join Denise as she takes you through the business and marketing of independent publishing, including how to create a business plan for yourself and how to help your book find its audience. 

Working with an Editor

Presented by: Holly Atkinson, Evil Eye Editing

Join Holly as she discusses the importance of having your independently published work edited well, how to find an editor that’s a good fit for you, and more.

A Deeper Look at Traditional Publishing

Queries and Agents and Contracts, Oh My!

Presented by: Sara Megibow

Your book is done and you’d like to explore the traditional publishing route. Now, you need to figure our how to query in a way that will grab an agent’s attention, how to vet an agent, what an agent can do for you, and all that jazz. Join Sara Megibow as she digs into the possibilities.


Brave Writers Query Workshop

Have a pitch ready? If you’re brave enough to pitch it in public, Sara will workshop the pitch with you so that you (and the supportive listening audience) can learn what an agent is looking for, and turn your pitch into the perfect query you can take back with you to e-mail those agents with on Monday!

It’s All About That Distribution…

Presented by Sarah M. Anderson

Having published traditionally, small-press and independently, Sarah shares with us her thoughts on the best route for getting your books into the hands of readers.

Q&A With All Industry Guests – KANSAS & OKLAHOMA BALLROOM

4:30 - 5:00

We’ve heard a lot of fantastic information today about the Publishing Possibilities available to us in 2016. Here’s your chance to ask any lingering questions of our speakers!

Awards and Raffles - 5:00 - 6:00 


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