New Book Trailer for ORA member Jennifer Jakes' "Rafe's Redemption" very own Jennifer Jakes has a fabulous new book trailer for "Rafe's Redemption"!

About "Rafe's Redemption":

Reviews of "Rafe's Redemption" include:

"Rafe’s Redemption by Jennifer Jakes is a heart melting read. The tension and sexual passion grew with each passing scene . . . I’d recommend this story as a have to read." - Cia, Siren Book Reviews

"Rafe's Redemption sounds like a simple western historical with some suspense added on for the excitment element. Rafe's Redemption is SO much more. . . .I read it straight through. I really did not expect to like and enjoy it to this extent!" - Vicky, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews - 5 Hearts

"This is a powerful book from beginning to end, with endless moments of supsense. I found myself with tears in my eyes and my stomach in knots. I just could not put this book down....." - Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews - 5 Tea Cups

Artist Maggie Monroe wants to see the West. Her cousin wants to see her dead. When an unplanned accident strands them in a rough outpost, Maggie becomes collateral for her cousin's gambling debt.

Rafe McBride is in town to buy supplies, not a woman. But when he sees a courageous lady facing a future with a murderous trapper, Rafe shouts the winning bid.

Determined to protect Maggie and return her home, Rafe and she trudge through a blizzard, trailed by her cousin, the angry trapper Rafe outbid, and Rafe's past. Snowbound, Rafe and Maggie are forced to face their enemies -- and their feelings for each other.

About Jennifer Jakes:

A chronic insomniac, Jennifer says she got used to making up stories while waiting to fall asleep. It was a lot more interesting than counting sheep. Maybe too interesting, because she started staying awake so she could figure out "what happened" to her characters. For the sake of her health, she began writing the stories on paper - during the day. So far it's working out pretty good:)

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, MORWA, and Ozarks Romance Authors. She also has two great critique partners who she can't thank enough. They taught her a LOT!

Visit Jennifer Jakes' web site by clicking HERE and her blog HERE.

About Ozarks Romance Authors:

Ozarks Romance Authors was established in Springfield, Missouri, in 1987 by a small group of writers interested in the romance fiction genre.

As the group began to grow, it evolved into a multi-genre group, with an eclectic mix of authors.

Today, the group is a non-profit registered in Missouri, and a member of Springfield Regional Arts Council.

Meetings are held the first Saturday of each month at The Library Station in Springfield, Missouri. A critique group begins at 10:00 a.m., lunch is at noon, and a guest speaker begins at 1:00 p.m.

For information about visiting the group to see how we can help you reach your writing goals, email us at or call (417) 597-4716.

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