It's Release Day for "The Treasuer Hunter's Lady" by ORA Vice President Allison Merritt!

Novelist Allison Merritt and The Treasure Hunter's LadyCongratulations to our very own Allison Merritt on today's release of "The Treasuer Hunter's Lady"!

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We're so proud of her! Let's take a look at the book's blurb, shall we?

On the outside, Romy Farrington has the perfect life—a world-famous archaeologist father and upcoming marriage to a wealthy businessman. But to Romy, her new life among the elitists is like a punishment.

For years, she traveled the world at her father's side, exploring new lands and uncovering ancient secrets. It was everything she ever wanted, until a near-fatal encounter with hostile natives forced her and her father into a life of retirement in Boston and an undesired advance into proper society.

Everything changes again when she's saved from an accident by a brash Texan in a back alley. Abel Courte may act like a care-free cowboy, but he's harboring a secret—he's searching for the Diamond of Uktena, a legendary jewel that can cure any disease known to man. He needs information Romy's father has in order to get to the jewel. When he traces the origin of the Diamond to Dakota Territory, he sets off to claim the treasure, only to find the archaeologist's fiery redheaded daughter stuck to him like a bug in sap.

In a race against time, Romy and Abel must learn to trust each other as they undertake a cross-country journey that will expose them to lands uncharted by white men, a deadly battle against the fearsome creature in possession of the Diamond and a fight to return to civilization where they might make the greatest discovery of all—love.