NEW! ORA Critique Groups

Hello ORA members! 

Based on membership feedback, the ORA board has been working on building the foundation for critique groups within our membership. We are excited to introduce our new writers’ critique groups at the August meeting.

Kayla Griffith has volunteered to be the coordinator of the groups and will explain more about them at the meeting. She has ten years of experience at creating online critique partnerships and is delighted to fill this role for ORA. 

While there are many types of critique groups, our first set will be the type often referred to as “Concept to Completion.” Basically, each author will bring a new or newly begun story to their group and write it over the next few months with help and input from their critique group members. Getting weekly feedback from fellow writers is one of the best ways to improve writing, and we hope our members can use this powerful tool to become stronger and more prolific writers.

Once the first critique groups are up and running, Kayla can help facilitate others with a more specialized focus. Come to the meeting to find out how to get signed up for this amazing writing tool and find out what other options might be available in the future.