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Cait LondonBest-selling novelist Cait London has been a friend of ORA since the very beginning of the group. She lives in our area and has always been one of the first to step up and offer guidance, one of her fabulous presentations, and network with other writers when our conferences roll around. She recently joined joined, a select authors’ community based on presenting their early works in epub. Two of Cait's books are available for download on that web site -- "A Lady's Choice" and "Gambler's Lady."

Here is Lois’ bio on that web site:

With several million books printed, the author of 65 books and novellas Cait London/Cait Logan (pseudonyms) is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. The recipient of many industry awards, she’s written romantic suspense, contemporary and western historical romance and paranormal romances for Berkley, Dell, Harlequin/Silhouette Desire and Avon/HarperCollins. Readers have enjoyed her many series, including the Tallchiefs.

At this writing, Cait has been published under pseudonyms and is working on yet another facet of writing. She’s really pleased with the revitalization in epublication of her early works.

The mother of three daughters, Cait enjoys creating her own website and blogs. An artist from early years, she is also interested in photography, graphics, reading, cooking, raises herbs and sewing. A former Washington state resident, she resides in the Missouri Ozarks and is a member of Romance Writers of America/Pasic and the Authors Guild; she is active online, mentors, presents seminars/workshops, and runs a regional writers eloop.

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