Author Lisa Wells is the Writers' Wednesday guest over at Barbara Bettis' blog

Lisa Wells, author of the sassy contemporary romance novel, "Dibs."Are you ready for another does of Writers' Wednesdsay? Our pal Barbara Bettis continues her series on her blog, with fellow member of Ozarks Romance Authors Lisa Wells as her guest.

LISA WELLS Lisa Wells' first book, "Dibs," is a spicy, fun read.

Everyone knows there are three things you don't take away from a woman. Her chocolate, her wine or her ability to have an orgasm. When fantasy coordinator Lacey Valentine finds herself in the unfortunate situation of not being able to reach the big O, she sets out on a mission to get it back. Hunky musician Covey James has just inherited millions of dollars. His wish is to live the life of a playboy. His grandmother's wish is to see him and his two brothers settled down while she's still living. His grandmother has a way of getting her way and he ends up on the hunt for Mrs. James. When he makes a pit stop to help a damsel in need of an orgasm, his plans go astray.

In addition to being a member of ORA, Lisa is a member of Romance Writers of America.

You can find "Dibs" online by visiting the web site of The Wild Rose Press HERE.

BARBARA BETTIS Barbara Bettis is an award-winning author of historical fiction, and a long-time instructor of English and journalism at the college level.

She lives in the Missouri Ozarks and is active in several writers’ groups in the area, including Ozarks Romance Authors.

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Be sure to check Barb’s blog for future Writers’ Wednesday features! Lisa Wells, author of "Dibs," is Barbara Bettis' guest for Writers' Wednesday.