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Be sure to follow us on Twitter and let us know so we can follow you! As of today, we have 858 followers, and we would love to see this number grow. We're having a blast with our tweets and getting to know others in the writing community.

Not many writers' groups in the Springfield, Missouri, area (or #sgf as it's known on Twitter) are active on Twitter. We're one of the first.

So far, we have used Twitter to publicize last year's Weta Writing Contest and we received more entries than ever before.

We have also used Twitter to post tweets about our upcoming 2011 writing contest, with its deadline for entries of May 16, 2011. We have also spread the word via Twitter about our 2011 conference, which will be held July 23, 2011, at The Clarion Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, Missouri.

One of the fun (and exhausting) things that we do with Twitter is to have "live tweeting" going on during some of the monthly meetings of Ozarks Romance Authors. While our special guest is speaking, we share notes as fast as we can, relaying the information to YOU, our Twitter followers.

You can find us here: @OzarksRomance