2012 Weta Nichols Writing Contest Winners Announced!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest this year and the judges who offered their expertise in judging! We hope everyone will consider entering again next year.


1st place - Tracy Garrett Laurie, MO "In The Line of Fire"

2nd place - Nena Clements Vilonia, AR "Maggie's Find"

3rd place - Sherry Hedden Springfield, MO "Student of Desire"


1st place - Louisa Cornell Wetumpka, AL "His Charming Seductress"

2nd place - Joanne L'Estrange Dublin, Ireland "The Dark Defender"

2rd place - Woodrow P. Snow Springfield, MO "Ejaja"

Young Adult

1st place - Elena Dillon Santa Clarita, CA "Breathe"

2nd place - Cecily White Springfield, MO "The (Almost) Perfect Revenge"

3rd place - Amy DeLuca Barrington, RI "Hidden Deep"

Honorable mention - Fran Young Springfield, MO "Bomber Babe"

Honorable mention - Tif Johnson Springfield, VA "Girl Player"


1st place - Christine Canada Edwardsville, IL "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

2nd place - Jeanmarie Anaya Neponsit, NY "Magnetic"

3rd place - Ginny Lynn Fayetteville, GA "Animal Management"