Ellen Harger

My mission is to help readers challenge the absolutes they carry around, known and unknown. I want to offer a mirror to ask people, "Do you see yourself in this caricature?"

I'm Ellen Harger, a word gypsy and emotion sifter. I'm also obsessed with elephants. Oh, and the process. Screw results. Show me how you got there.

In June 2005, I woke up to a wall of fire. Watching the flames eat away my life was my biggest turning point in life.

Not long after, I realized I wanted a divorce, left California and went home to Missouri, where I finished my first novel - and learned to invest in myself and my writing.

In between, I've lived in Boston, quit life, survived depression and been hired by corporate America because I looked like my predecessor (no joke). I also watched my father die of bladder cancer.

For my thirty-sixth birthday, I got a tattoo. Every year I get stronger.

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